About Us

700° Artisan Pizza is locally owned and operated. We are a full service eatery with unique decor, USDA organic soda, wine, and award winning craft beer selections. Whether you are out with friends, family, or party of one, 700° Pizza has something for everyone.

Here at 700°, we are never content with the status quo and are always playing around with new recipes and concepts to bring to our customers, while still only using the highest quality greens, veggies, and ingredients for our made from scratch in-house recipes. We will always constantly evolve our menu’s, recipes and techniques to serve the best products. Our selection of Award-winning Craft Beers, Wine on Tap as well as our Craft Soda with some unique flavor offerings makes us so much more than just your average pizza shop.

Our Craft

700° Artisan Pizza has a vision to bring back the art of the Old World pizza and how it used to be handcrafted for family and friends. Our attention to detail and use of fresh ingredients set us apart from all others. “Who are we?”, you ask. We are pizza artists reviving the art of pizza making and paying tribute to the old world style pizza.


Our pizzas are made the Old World way baked in our custom-made Kuma-Forni Wood-fired Oven. Our oven is hand-built and shipped to the States from San Giovanni Lupatoto, Italy. Each menu item from our pizza, wings & shares are made fresh to order. As a result of the intense temperatures, our pizzas cook in under 3 minutes and our Wings are seared to lock in the flavor and come out looking like they were kissed by the fire.

Aged Handcrafted Dough

Fresh Farm to Table Ingredients

Vesuvius – Our Fire Breathing Oven

The Old World

For over 100 years Americans have been enjoying a little slice of heaven since the first pizzeria opened on the East coast in 1905. In the early years, readily available coal and everyday woods fueled the high-temperature ovens which were commonly used. The handmade ovens were easy to build and provided a very distinctive flavor.

However over time, wood and coal ovens were gradually replaced when electricity and natural gas became more available to the masses. Swiftly, gas & electric ovens became the new norm. Soon after this power trend emerged, the mass “corporate chains of pizza” materialised.  This regrettably created a change to the unhealthy ingredients and “”corporate taste” of pizza until were we arrived today where most corporate chains not only look the same but taste the same. 

700° Artisan Pizza has a vision to bring back the ART of the “Old-World” pizza and how it used to be handcrafted for family, friends, and neighborhoods. Hands down it’s the most satisfying way to enjoy the most popular food in America…PIZZA!

We hope to see you soon!